is a web site owned and managed by OneCall Telecommunications LTD. The company's primary objective is to provide premium call center and audiotex services. is dedicated to astrology and horoscope predictions. It's main purpose is to drive calls to the company's premium rate astrology numbers.


Even though the site statistics reported an acceptable bounce rate, Average Session Duration and Pages per Session, there was a difficulty in acquiring new site visitors that would convert to call center's clients.

They made several advertising efforts to the press and TV and at the same time they started online advertising on their own. The results were disappointing and site traffic wasn't growing satisfyingly.


So, 1.5 years ago, they decided to rethink of their online marketing strategy and re-visit their advertising through professionals. After a detailed evaluation and several meetings, we proposed a different online strategy, that involved specific messages and audience targeting methods, with full alignment of online and offline advertising.


We used a combination of Search, Display and Video Campaigns to attract people that meet the profile of the potential client (worked together with the client on that). Having a positive feedback from the client, we started increasing the budget and adjusting among campaigns in order to meet the desired results.

Comparing the period of January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017 to the same period last year, with a budget increase of 318,27%, we had the enormous increase of 1609,21% in interactions:





The most important aspect of the result was that with always-on campaigns and budget optimisation we keep on bringing more actual clients.

The client reported 8% increase in calls from site visitors and turnover increase of 5% with 20% advertising cost reduction. They were also able to hire two employees in 2017 for the management and further development of the web site, due to it's incremental importance for the business.


Mr Tellides, company's CEO stated: "The most positive thing for the whole collaboration is that 1.5 years after our collaboration began and while we see the success of our campaign on a daily basis, Banasis agency has the same zeal and constantly proposes new approaches and ideas for making possible to move to even better results. We consider the cooperation with Banasis and Google to be excellent both in efficiency and in terms of the duration of our treatment as the first day."