Dryfix is a construction company that undertakes all kinds of plasterboard and cementboard construction works including plasterboard architectural implementation services. It was founded in January 1995 and started to use Google AdWords for attracting customers, by the end of 2012.

One of the most challenging things about advertising construction companies that base their work in specific building materials, is targeting the correct audience that really needs the Service and not the material. There is a certain number of searches for plasterboard installation, or construction companies that looks obvious, but there are so many more generic searches for plasterboard that needs extra attention in order “extract” the client's true intentions.

Having this in mind, we decided to split search targeting into two campaigns. One for targeting obvious searches for the service and one for the generic, controversial searches.

The first (primary) campaign targeting service requests, had to have the best possible search impressions share and ad position. Thus, we applied the biggest portion of the available budget.

Since we had budget limitations, for the second campaign (targeting more generic searches), we decided to pursue the maximum possible search impressions share by making concessions to the ads' positions. But we still wanted to distinguish prospective clients from the ones that were looking just for the building materials. So, we used Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) bidding to show ads on the top of advertising search results to people that had previously visited the site. Those people were already aware that the company provides only services and does not sell the building materials. If they decided to revisit the company's site, they were probably high-potential customers.





By making extensive use of all available ad extensions and continuously optimizing both search campaigns (keyword targeting refining, testing various text ads and and extensions, while analysing available Google Analytics data), we managed to have a continuous increase of CTR that leads to better ad positions and impressions share with lower CPCs. This enables us to free up budget from the most targeted campaign and use it to the second one, having much more site visits and business leads.


With this strategy, from September 30 2016 to April 30 2017 we managed to have 41,6% more clicks with just 19,28% raise in budget:





Mr Tassis, the company owner stated: "When our company started eight years ago, searching for ways to promote it, we discovered Google Adwords. With the help of BANASIS agency, we managed to be positioned to the top Google search results, in all searches that matter to us. This has resulted in an increase in our clientele and our establishment as a recognized company in the field of drywall construction. Comparing 2016 with 2015,  there was a gross revenue increase of 15% and we have strong indications that 2017 will be even better"


If we take into account that in Greece, the construction sector is in deep recession with the higher unemployment rates and companies seizing their operation one after the other, Dryfix’s results is just miraculous.