Evripidou.gr is the site of a business that exists since the 1930s. All started with a shop that sells spices and herbs in Evripidou str. in Athens. This road is considered to be the trade center for spices since it hosts a significant number of spice shops. That's where the site's name comes from. Later on they opened a second shop in the north suburbs of Athens (Kifissia). Since internet became part of our lives they moved on with a simple website at first, which eventually changed to full featured e-shop.


They started AdWords advertising since while still on the 1st version of their site (before re-launching it as an e-shop), managing to bring people to the physical stores and it worked out.

Now, along with their initial goal (getting people to the physical stores), they also try to increase their online sales, while seeking to attract more wholesale customers.





Our strategy is based on Google search campaigns. Since the e-shop has hundreds of products and we didn’t know which of these products would sell better than the others, we used a combination of search and dynamic search campaigns. With the search campaigns we targeted generic searches for spices, herbs, the brand itself, and wholesale. Dynamic search, with its magical site indexing and products identification capabilities, enabled us to target searches for all products of the site.

Evaluating the search terms that brought sales from dynamic search, we were able to create refined and extremely targeted search campaigns for specific products, that performed well (judging from the data provided by Dynamic search campaigns, as well as by full Analytics data reports).


Comparing 2016 versus 2015, with an advertising cost raise of 85.08%, we had a raise of 144,60% in total online orders revenue and 305,16% in revenue from orders directly attributed to AdWords Campaigns, with the last click attribution model that we used at that time:





Of course, success was even bigger since there was also an increase in phone orders and physical store visits. Not to mention the large interest for wholesale partnerships.


After the success in the Greek market, we expanded to Cyprus with respectively good results that keep getting better and the client moves on to site internationalization, in order to expand to other countries too.


Mr Stefanos Hatzigeorgiou, co-owner of the company stated: "By promoting our eshop through Google AdWords, we became known to a younger audience that we were very interested in. This audience does not only search for us online but also visits our physical stores (Athens and Kifissia). With the promotion of eshop, there is also a great demand for co-operation at the wholesale level. Google Adwords has been linked to our sales".


This company beats the Greek economic crisis, expanding with big, yet steady steps!