Happydeals.gr is a daily deals site, that provides discount offers on high quality products and services. Since the beginning of its activity it is an entirely online business and so is their promotion. They use Google AdWords since the end of 2011, as a major channel to their online marketing roadmap.

By analyzing the users’ journey to purchase, we had strong indications that by re-approaching users visiting the site for specific deals, and emphasizing on the product, or service's quality and price offer, would have positive impact on sales volume increase.

We decided that for this approach we should use the display network and more specifically, Dynamic Remarketing. That way we can push our message to prospect customers that have already shown an interest for the deal, and control the frequency, content and placement of our ads.

After a number of discussions with the customer, we concluded that there are deals that should be promoted and others that shouldn't, depending on a large number of factors that only the client could be fully aware of.

We proposed a solution that enables the client to control the deals that are promoted with dynamic remarketing. From the site's administration they select the deals that matter the most. Only those selected are included in the feed that we use for dynamic remarketing. That way the client has a complete and easy way of control to their dynamic remarketing ads. Changes are made fast, since the feed is updated in a daily basis, but we are at the client disposal for even faster response.


Display ads started to contribute in conversion paths within the first week:



And, as time passed, they started to contribute further in large and complicated conversion paths also:



Display ads became the catalyst that keeps driving conversions increase:



About the actual overall results achieved so far, Mr Dimitris Archimandritis, CEO of Happydeals.gr stated: “Comparing 2016 versus 2015 economic results, there was an increase of 45% in gross revenue and 32% in net revenue. But 2017 makes the difference. Comparing the first quarter of 2017 versus the first quarter of 2016, there was an increase of 81% in gross revenue and 50% in net revenue”.