Ideato is a greek,company, which opened its first store in Ioannina in 2005 as the natural continuation, of a family tradition and presence in the field of home linen and hotel supplies trade, that spands over the course of 45 years.

In 2009 they launched their e-shop, but didn't see significant results in sales since they started using Google Adwords. Almost a year later, their initial attempt with Google and as the investment seemed to be promising, they decided to turn for support to a specialized Google partner.

With the co-operation of the client, our analysis and advice helped in realizing and fixing many of the issues, both with the campaigns and the e-shop platform, that were costing the company profit loss and unsatisfied customers.The new, upgraded e-shop was faster, mobile friendly, with many additional features, encompassing all the tools that helped the sales skyrocket!


Retail sales have grown more than 110% while wholesales gained a staggering 468% !

Such an unprecedented increase in sales led to the prioritization of hotel supplies advertisement, both in Greek and English, in the attempt to further expand in new international markets, like Cyprus and soon, Albania.


At the same time, Adwords was the main advertisement solution, for a new physical store in another town, Larisa. It opened its gates in 2016 and managed to succeed in its business plan, from day one, although being based in one of the most competitive markets in Greece.





The same strategy was also applied to their central store. To cover the increased demand for their products, three additional employees were added to the team and an in-store professional photo studio was created to enhance the overall customer's online experience.


In our marketing mix we used almost every available AdWords campaign (Search, Dynamic Search, Display, Remarketing, Dynamic Remarketing). All these, in combination with all the appropriate ad  extensions. Now, we look forward to use shopping campaigns also as soon as they become available in Greece.


The next step, after having finished the total and radical redesigning of Ideato's logo and brand identity, is launching a massive display campaign, introducing Ideato, to even bigger audiences.


Mr Konstantinos Kalivas,owner of the company says ''Modern companies have to be customer driven. Instead of trying to brainwash our customers, we try to be there, with some new, enticing product that covers their real needs. Keeping that in mind, Google is the only way to go and an absolute must for every marketing strategy”.


Another company that triumphs amid the economic crisis that plagues Greece.