Join - A B2B success story




Join is a Greek brand, established in 1977 specializing in bedroom furniture and especially double beds. Their products have received several awards for their unique design and quality, while using human and environmental-friendly processing methods. Join’s primary selling channel is wholesales. The company has established a well-organized distribution network of selected partners, spreading all over Greece.


For expanding their network of partners, they use mainly AdWords display network. By targeting Internet users related to beds in-market audiences, and having very intense remarketing campaigns, they have managed to make their brand a synonym of high quality beds. That image leads customers to ask local shops for Join beds, generating wholesale leads.


By investing in AdWords and targeting specific countries and territories (local targeting) as far as specific users segments and demographics, they managed to have a YoY site users increase of more than 220% and sessions increase of over 180%.





Through online advertising, Join products managed to become known to retail furniture shops. Year over year the brand (Join) became synonym to quality beds.

At first the geographical targeting was limited to Greece and Cyprus, but soon they expanded their reach to Iraq, Bulgaria and now worldwide!

Despite the continuous economic crisis in Greece, Join started with a few resellers in Greece and now, by investing in AdWords, their products are exhibited in four shops-in-shop and over 65 furniture showrooms nationwide (and counting). There is also a shop-in-shop located in Cyprus. And now they are expanding to Iraq and Bulgaria while they already prepare their moves worldwide.

At the moment the site is visited by users from 48 countries daily, and there is an increasing demand for the products, from sales representatives around the globe.


Mr Antonis Tzitzis, Spokesperson for the company, says, “Join, in its effort to build a powerful brand in Greece and abroad, has a special partner: Google. In my opinion Google provides all the right tools in order to grow the business you vision. All you have to do is use your imagination!”