menscare sales increased by 245% while customer visits increased by 94% is the first online Health and Beauty e-shop in Greece dedicated to Men’s needs. With a fresh, customer focused approach, made a very promising entrance in the market.


Company’s huge product list and the niche market that operates, were the key factors that drove their decision for choosing AdWords search campaigns for meeting new customers and raise Brand awareness.

Moreover, operates in a very competitive market, making efficient management of AdWords campaigns crucial for increase conversions and boost sales.


The strategy is based on an idea that is simple to capture but difficult to implement. We target people that are at the bottom of the purchasing funnel, only for products where Men’s Care has a competitive advantage.


In the last 3 months they have experienced a 245% sales increase while customer visits increased by 94%. Campaigns optimization and the day-to-day improvement of targeting, have also reduced the Avg. CPC by 19%.


MensCare owner management team said: "AdWords search campaigns help us explore the online sales without exceeding our Budget. This gives us the comfort for planning our expansion in a concrete base, so that we can achieve goal of becoming the Men’s favorite Brand for Health and Beauty".