Mfdayspa is a beauty salon providing beauty treatment therapies and spa services, located in Athens, Greece.

Their online presence goes back in 2008, as they first started using AdWords around March. Providing a wide range of services, concerning face and body treatments, mfdayspa has become a synonym of specialised, pioneer and trustworthy wellness centre.

Their online advertising goals wouldn’t go for less. Using almost all the available campaign solutions in AdWords, we try to reach all the “right” customers, that will book for treatments online or by phone. To add more, there is also an e-shop, as part of their website, selling specialised beauty products (creams, serums, lotions, etc.).


During the last two years, with the Internet usage shifting to mobile and Google AdWords providing more and more effective ways for a strong and efficient advertising to mobile devices, mfdayspa realized that by focusing on mobile advertising, they can drive business growth. They invested in the redesign of their site, in order to be mobile friendly, aiming to take full advantage of mobile advertising solutions offered by Google AdWords, and raised their ad spend to mobile.


At the same time, we identified and invested to micro-moments, especially through search for mobiles. Since the business owner has a frequent presence to TV shows, showcasing treatments, one of the most valuable micro-moment is during the time of the show broadcast, when viewers use Internet, mostly through their mobile devices, to find more information for the treatments, along with contact and booking information or even make phone calls requiring further info, which usually ends up as an actual purchase.





The client informs us upfront about the TV appearances and thematology, giving us time to prepare the appropriate campaigns that are active during the show and for some days after.


By targeting relevant searches during and after the TV shows and re-targeting those users with always-on AdWords remarketing campaigns, we manage to drive more site visits and calls, that led to beauty care services bookings, cosmetic products sales and eventually business growth.


Comparing the period of September 30, 2016 to April 30, 2017 with the same period last year, a budget raise of 96.85% (almost doubled it), we had a raise in revenue from beauty product sales of 141,69%. Most surprising was the fact that, by giving more weight to mobile advertising, we had an increase of 54.3% in conversion rate and 529% in revenue from orders that took place from mobile devices!





But the most impressive, was the raise in direct calls from the ads and the requests for directions and location details:





As Mrs Mary Filippaiou, owner of the business stated: “Comparing 2016 results versus 2015, there is a growth of 55% in gross revenue and 20% in profit. Also, we increased our staff by 75% to meet the ever-increasing demand. It is certain that without Google it would be impossible for most of our clients to find us. During and after each TV show they search for us on internet. But even in periods that I don't apear on TV, most of our customers are coming from the internet. In total, 80% of our customers find us on the internet.”


The most striking thing is that a Greek business manages to achieve such a high rate of growth in an extremely unfavorable economic environment during the economic crisis that plagues the country.