Microbiolab is a microbiological laboratory performing a wide range of hematological and biological examinations. It is a local business, located in Vrilissia, a suburb of Athens, serving this suburb's clients.

They approached us to help them make their business known to the locals and increase their clientele. As a local business, they had limited budget. Every cent should be spent wisely, targeting the correct people.

Vrilissia is a municipality of 30.700 citizens but due to the way that Greek ISPs reported the assignments of their IPs, AdWords allowed us to target only the entire Athens City with a population of 3.130.000 people.





Such a broad targeting audience would be ineffective for a local business and would require a much bigger budget.

We decided to handle this differently, putting search and display network to work together in order to target residents of the specific area.

To the search campaign we included area names, along with the actual search terms.

In display we used location-wise keywords to target sites with content related to the clients' area. This turned out a bit tricky, since there were a number of weather forecast and news sites that had the targeted terms in menus or for promoting topics irrelevant to the ones targeted. After a period of careful optimization, by removing irrelevant sites and filtering out further the targeting, we managed to have a pretty good targeting audience. Over 80% of the pages where the ads were displayed, had content relevant to the clients area.


When we started online advertising, almost all site’s visitors were new, coming from AdWords. Now, we also have visits through organic search results (searching the brand) and direct. Almost half the visitors (42.3%) re-visit the site.





Mr Petropoulos, owner of the company, stated: “Although in recent years the financial situation in Greece has had no positive effect on companies, our business was not affected, on the contrary we had about 15% increase in customers. Last year there have been changes in the insurance sector and in the calculation of the profit of companies, and if we calculate profit with the data of 2015, we could estimate an increase of 15-20%. Currently we are on the hiring process of one new employee. Also, we are expanding our business, starting a new cooperation with a medical center close to the center of Athens. This collaboration opportunity has come exclusively from Google's ads.”


The last few months that AdWords supports targeting the specific area, we moved on to a new display campaign targeting users to the specific area, having the same good results.

Now, in cooperation with the client, we redesign our whole marketing approach in order to take advantage of the currently available local targeting and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).