Politeia - Incremental orders with a stable budget




Politeia is a well-known bookstore, established in the mid-80s, located in the center of Athens. It is considered “the temple of book”, not without a reason as it houses more than 150.000 different titles, covering every specialization - from novels to science.


They also have an e-shop, and have been using AdWords since July 2012 which has proved to be their “ideal partner” to achieve increased revenue, through online sales and brand awareness.


Due to the economic crisis in Greece, for the last three years we have a fixed budget available. So, we face the challenge of increasing sales without increasing the ad spent, in order to help the company survive and expand without cuts in personnel or their physical bookstore.


Without increasing AdWords budget, we achieve over 30% Year-on-Year increase in online orders.





We managed to increase orders throughout the year by monitoring closely the search trends and comparing them to previous years’ search targeting performance. This way, we were able to reallocate budgets between campaigns and create new ones proactively and reactively. By managing to show ads to users searching for specific terms, that in certain periods throughout the year have the best possibilities to turn into conversions, there is a continuous decrease of cost per conversion, driving a sales increase.





Note on the orders graph that, even though there is an increase throughout the year, there is a step of further increment every September. During that period of the year, there is a huge demand for school related books. By creating the appropriate search campaigns and reallocating a large part of the budget to these campaigns, we managed to soar sales, as well as increase brand awareness, which in turn drives direct visits to the e-shop throughout the year.


According to Politeia’s owner Mr Nikos Liverios, AdWords also brings visitors to the physical store since there is still lack of familiarity with online shopping and many people browse the books in the e-shop but prefer to put their hands on them before buying.


AdWords search campaigns can drive incremental sales and brand awareness with absolute spent control.