Stella & Moscha is a boutique event planning and design firm specializing in tailor-made Greek Island celebrations and luxury weddings. Their story started when Evangelia launched Weddings in Santorini, one of the first custom wedding planning and design companies in the Greek Islands. Now, twenty years and two daughters later, Evangelia, Stella and Moscha became Stella & Moscha!


They started using Google AdWords since early 2014, and soon realized the great value that online marketing could bring to their business.

Since the beginning of our cooperation, we evaluate AdWords results in accordance with their business goals and constantly refining or even redefining targeting, messaging and the ways we approach prospective clients.

Given that their goal is to attract above-the-line, luxury weddings, we analysed the clients’ path and window time to purchase and found out that the selection of the wedding destination (and later on the selection of the wedding planner), takes longer for luxury wedding than the ordinary ones. During the decision period, the couples that are going to get married and their close relatives that influence their choice, visit a number of sites and exchange many communication emails about wedding details between them and with wedding planners. During all that period we should be there, reminding what Stella & Moscha could do for them. Especially after selecting their Greek island destination.

We decided that apart from search campaigns, we should take advantage of that critical window (email exchanging) and approach them through their inbox, as well. Apart from the always-on remarketing campaign (keeping Stella & Moscha as a top-of-mind choice for their ideal wedding planner), we also used Gmail ads to reach them through their inbox.

With this strategy we managed to improve the leads quality, that resulted to a higher average turnover per marriage.





Noteworthy is that by refining the Gmail ads messaging and with a small increase of budget, there was a high impact on gmail ads performance:





Stella Chanioti, co-owner of Stella & Moscha stated: "With Google Adwords we have a year over year increase of 20% in email queries we receive and a turnover increase of about 10%. It is very important to us that the average turnover per marriage is increasing as we attract above-the-line weddings, that is, luxury. As we grow as a team, we plan to increase our advertising budget for 2018".